What We Do

Roof Shield specializes in the repair and restoration of flat and metal roofing systems for commercial and residential buildings.  A series of acrylic coatings are sprayed over the top of the existing substrate to create a seamless monolithic finish without seams.  Roof coatings are a cost-effective approach for building owners to repair their aged, and or leaky roofs for a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

Roof Shield is Your Complete Metal and Low Slope Roof Restoration Experts

Less Than a New Roof

Avoid roof replacement! Why go through the costly and time-consuming process of tearing your roof off and replacing it? With our seamless spray on system, we can go right over your existing roof

Best in Class Products

We use Conklin products on our Roof Shield projects. Conklin is the most tested and trusted name in commercial coatings with over 3 billion square feet of product sprayed.

Energy Star Certified

Roof Shield’s Cool Conklin roofs reflect 85% of heat and UV rays for more comfortable interiors, reduced air conditioning costs, and increased energy efficiency. Each roof is Energy Start Compliant and sustainable.

18 Year Warranty

Our Non-prorated Warranty is a full warranty that covers labor and materials for the duration. We stand behind our product and application to the fullest. Once the roof reaches its life expectancy, we simply clean the roof and apply a fresh top coat for a renewed warranty at a lesser cost than the original system!

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